Cordillera Mountain Marathon Running above 2000m

A Marathon Distance mountain run through the home of the gods and the villages that have lived below Kabunyan’s home for centuries.

Nothing brings you closer to the earth than a walk or a run through it, at a human pace you are able to discern every root and rock and undulation on the trail, the details of the landscape are suddenly shown to you, every patch of forest and how it changes from open land to Pine to mossy. Travelling at a human pace is the only way we will get to know our homes, get to know the earth and fall in love with what needs to be protected.

Watch out for a new Challenge our Mountain Run series. 2900m of elevation gain over 42 kilometers, the equivalent of climbing Mt. Pulag from the sea. A full marathon that will take you to the most remote reaches of the mountain in some of the most beautiful landscapes and through some of our Roots and Shoots Nursery schools around the home of the Gods. 🙂 60% of this run passes through 3 provinces, Benguet, Ifugao, and Nueva Vizcaya and will occur at over 2000m elevation making it the highest mountain marathon in the country.