The Forest Building Report 2013

The Forest Building Report 2013



December has arrived and it is time once again to take stock in the work that we have done throughout the year. 2013 marks the 6th year since the Cordillera Conservation Trust started its Forest Building. From a small group of volunteers up on a denuded mountain in Taba-ao, Kapangan planting 200 seedlings we have grown just like the forests which we build each year.

In 2013 we continue our work building forests, further expanding our Roots and Shoots forest nursery program. Our focus on the creation of Roots and Shoots nurseries in partnership with the Department of Education, Globe Telecom, Choose Philippines, Huawei, and the many individuals who made our forest building possible has been a fruitful one, and a program, which we constantly learn from. The 21 nurseries of 2012 showed us that the Roots and Shoots program was not simply a way of supplying seedlings for the reforestation of our mountain areas but also a place of outdoor learning for the students of each school, re-acquainting them to an environment which is so near to them yet, seemingly unfamiliar. Our nurseries have become exploration areas for nature learning and creating time spent outdoors. And this extends to the community as well as they are very much involved in the construction and maintenance of each of our nurseries.

Value change is a side effect of the Roots and Shoots program which in the next years we would like to bring to the forefront. Changing values for nature in the young is of the utmost importance if we are to make any of this work building forests sustainable. We have seen that through the Roots and Shoots nurseries, children, teachers, parents and the community have started on that road to changing values for nature, not only seeing it as a utility but also as a place to enjoy without having to alter it. An anecdote from one of the teachers of Lubas Elementary School in La Trinidad “we noticed that the seedlings were being stolen, and we thought that this was in fact a good thing since the community has become interested in planting trees.” Value change, is the new frontier for environmental work. We have to start learning to deal more with people rather than simply forests and the environment and see communities as an integral part of the system in which ecosystems are built from.

Our commitment to building more forests has extended our reach in 2013 from 21 Roots and Shoots Nurseries in 2012, we have built 35 new forest nurseries in 2013 in some of the most remote schools in the Cordillera region bringing our total number of Roots and Shoots nurseries to 56 now extending from Benguet into critical ecosystems in Ifugao. We have now set up 26 forest nurseries in elementary schools surrounding the Mt. Pulag ecological area covering the municipalities of Bokod and Kabayan in Benguet and Tinoc and Asipulo in Ifugao. We have also built 5 Forest nurseries in the Mt. Amuyao Ecological area in Batad, Cambulo, and Pula in Banaue and Patyay and Magullon in Mayoyao, and 4 Nurseries around the Mt. Ugo ecological area in Domolpos, Tinungdan, Lusod, and Lawiguen. To add to this we have also built nurseries in areas, which are now emerging in ecological significance such as Bakun, Kibungan, and Atok.


Forest Education Initiative: As part of the work we have been doing in 2013 and due to our current focus of working with elementary schools we have for the past year been developing a forest curriculum guide that will hopefully be integrated into our current Roots and Shoots nursery program. The curriculum guide is still currently in development and we hope to be able to release this to our Roots and Shoots schools by June 2014.


Sustainable Events: We continue our tradition of hosting sustainable outdoor events whose aim is not only to get more people outdoors into the ecosystems which we want to save but also to create green economic opportunities for communities who live within these pristine mountain areas.


This is the second year we partnered with the Philippine Skyrunners for the Philippine International Skyrace and it is with great pleasure that we did so. In the first year we saw inroads into what we call sustainable environmental and economic practices from the Skyrun -they
both left no trace in the ecosystem and left a trace with the local economy and community. Local marshals were trained, used, and paid during the event, guides were hired, porters given livelihoods and the food sourced locally from a local caterer consisting of local fare from the farms around creating an economy around an activity that relies on an ecosystem green and verdant. And as a result the community now values the ecosystem with greater emphasis on
it’s natural characteristics which we come here to play in and can now even run similar events themselves.

This practice of sustainable event management which we started with our own event -the Globe Cordillera Challenge and now with the International Mt. Ugo Skyrun are examples which we want to promote as standards of practice when doing events within our Philippine ecosystems -it is in fact a joy to hear for us that the Itogon community is now considering adopting these type of event policies in all the events that will be done inside their locales environs and we look forward to more local government units following this practice and we hope that the regional Department of Tourism will consider adopting this practice for all the event’s to be held in the Cordillera region.

Arabica Coffee: a critical component of forest building is helping the local economies by creating sustainable enterprises based on a pristine ecosystem. This year over 10000 coffee seedlings were distributed to Roots and Shoots Schools in Tublay, Trinidad, Tuba, Kapangan, and Bokod. We continue to maintain our Coffee nursery in Tomay, La Trinidad.

BanKO: as part of our thrust to create better economic conditions in our forest building communities we started a savings program thanks to our partnership with Globe Telecom
and their subsidiary company Globe-BPI BanKO which through it’s micro savings and finance system based on the mobile phone technology and low initial deposits has become a boon for creating a culture of saving in many of our Forest Building communities where nearly 90% of individuals do not have a bank account.

School Computers: Through the help of CHEVRON Philippines and facilitated by the Ayala foundation and Globe Telecom we were able to source 60 desktop computers which we distributed to the 21 Roots and Shoots Schools of 2012. Each school got from 2-4 computers depending on the number of students that they had.

What is in store for 2014?

In the coming year we hope to further strengthen the work we are doing with the 56 schools in which we currently have Roots and Shoots nurseries in, we are hoping to also be able to build our 100th Roots and Shoots nursery in the Cordillera next year. A tall order, but one challenge we are now ready to take on, to build at least 50 more new nurseries in 2014.

Outdoor play school: Many of our schools are located in beautiful places in our mountains but the children of the schools quite often fail to see the beauty of their own homes. In 2014 we will be starting a local pride campaign for some of our schools focusing on creating opportunities for children to experience the outdoors in a new and fun way. We have started initial discussions with groups like the Juan Portrait volunteers and several outdoor and mountaineering clubs on helping us create outdoor experiences that will expand our classrooms into the outdoors. We were surprised when we built the forest nursery in Pulag elementary school when we asked how many of them had seen the sunrise and the sea of clouds from the top of Mt. Pulag -not one of the students raised their hands. In 2014 we hope to blow their minds and show them what they are missing in their backyards.

2014 is going to be another busy year for the Forest Builders but we are ready for the challenge. Always mindful of learning from the last year we try and improve and grow, we have come a long way from the first forest building on a peak in Kapangan, but we do not forget our roots no matter how many new shoots we grow, our roots will always serve as the foundation for our growth.

For the Forests,



JP Alipio

Chief Forest Builder

Cordillera Conservation Trust









NAME OF SCHOOL                                                          NAME   CONTACT NUMBER
  1. Naguey ES
 School Head Nancy S. Banas-e  0912-432-1604
PTA Albert Tacuyan
  1. Pasdong ES
 School Head Norman A. Pablito  0918-801-4724
PTA Weslor Osa-os
  1. Bakun CS
 School Head Angel B. Bulay  0929-188-9468
  1. Bulo ES
 School Head Caroline A. Colas 0912-620-3481
PTA Quintana P. Agadan
  1. Ekip ES
Teacher Requita S. Kiwalan  0908-301-0673
PTA Mandy B. Comising 0948-498-6189
  1. Naswak ES
 School Head Aquino B. Padawag  0910-316-5010
PTA Peter A. Mayawir
ITOGON I      
  1. Domolpos CS
 School Head Felicitas S. Mang-osan  0919-890-3781
PTA Agnes L. Manzano
8.Tinongdan ES  School Head Lita P. Casao  0947-379-4903
PTA Basilia N. Tang-yang 0909-729-9965
  1. Lawiguen ES
 School Head Jocelyn P. Buslotan  0919-447-2690
PTA Kimberly c. Mo-oy 0930-326-3573
  1. Bashoy ES
Teacher Elenor C. Modi  0907-400-2463
  1. Lebeng ES
Teacher Wilma B. Damilo  0946-195-1938
  1. Mt. Pulag ES
 School Head Mary M. Anape 0946-892-5962
  1. Es-esa S. Alodos (Tacadang ES)
 School Head Elma B. Ablaza  0920-287-5495
  1. Palina ES
 School Head Ben K. Palukpok  0939-959-0421
  1. Baguio City National
 Teacher Estelir B. Mendoza  0935-989-5870
High School
  1. Benguet SPED
  School Head Nardo Aliba  0932-844-9744
PTA Ramil G. Pugong 0939- 7365-854



NAME OSF SCHOOL                                                  NAME   CONTACT NUMBER
1.Dango ES School Head Monalisa I. Buhong  0926-581-1706
2.Luhong ES Teacher Remilyn Rodriguez  0906-612-4918
3.Binablayan ES Teacher Bernadita Madiano  0926-142-1524
4.Tukucan ES Teacher Normita B. Calpase  0905-766-9044
PTA Cornella B. Butag 0905-884-3772
5.Eheb ES Teacher Adela M. Tumayan  0906-130-0364
PTA Martina Jallorina 0916-890-0360
6.Gumhang ES School Head William W. Gapuz 0926-958-1715
PTA Jose C. Innad 0926-809-6258
  1. Manaan ES
School Head Melba Dulnuan 0935-2876-504
Teacher Lucio Gullunan 0906-6404-992
  1. Tinoc Central School
School Head Mary Guinsiman 0905-8762-259
PTA PaternoTindaan Jr. 0935-8893-576
  1. Impugong ES
Teacher Lucia H. Gapuz 0905-7389-188
PTA Bendoza Acop 0926-1647-550
  1. Ahin ES
Teacher Nelly B. Tobiagon 0926-7758-999
PTA George Manino
  1. Tuludan ES
School Head Nora Dulawan 0935-8680-527
  1. Wangwang ES
School Head Beatriz Antonio 0935-2878-340
PTA Rosendo Lindawan 0905-8606-959
  1. Palabayan ES
School Head Anita Alonzo 0905-1302-303
PTA Melba Pulnao
14.Bukig, Natcak Teacher Gina A. Lumigat 0935-844-0408
PTA Pedro Liwan
15.Patyay PS School Head Brenda T. Bumangit  0935-889-3973
PTA Johnson B. Ayagan 0926-789-3075
16.Magulon ES School Head
PTA Rose Manodchom 0926-517-9638
17.Cambulo ES Teacher Gemma O.Lapawen 0929-863-2806
18.Batad ES Teacher Gladys P. Palicdon  0910-470-9195
19.Pula ES Teacher Marciana L. Goygoy 0912-383-4281







Cordillera Conservation Trust with DepED BENGUET Division


District Name of School School Head/ Teacher In Charge
La Trinidad Balili Elementary School Esther G. Rivera, Ed. D.
Tawang Elementary School Shirley M. Comila
Lubas Elementary School Bridget A. Dacquigan
Bineng Elementary School Remedios B. Lamsis
Tacdian Elementary School, Barangay Shilan Emilia Cabinta
Wangal Elementary School Arnida L. Sauri
Alno-Kadoorie Elementary School Loreto M. Manuel,Ed.D./ Ignacio Dolo*
Talinguroy Elementary School, Barangay Wangal Jerome B. Tulic
Tuba Kabuyao Elementary School Catherine B. Willy
Tublay Tublay Central Brigitte Q. Beray
Pontino Elementary School, Barangay Ambassador Charlie T. Ricardo
Dackias (Tuel) Elementary School Erlinda C. Quinuan
Kapangan Taba-ao Elementary School Aladin M. Dobinto, Ph.D.
Kabayan Abucot Elementary School, Barangay Eddet Mary M. Anape
Tawangan Elementary School Pacito C. Cosente
Lusod Elementary School
Kabayan Barrio Elementary School Corazon C. Molitas
Asokong-Pacso Elementary School, Barangay Gusaran Bhede B. Martin
Ballay Elementary School Jenneth M. Bastian
Itogon I Lusod Community School, Barangay Tinongdan Judith M. Apilas
6 Districts 20 Elementary Schools


2011 Completed Roots and Shoots Schools:


  1. Bokod, Benguet: Bangen Elementary School, Labey, Ambuklao, Bokod, Benguet